2 coffees. 1 look.

Before we take a look at how I can help you, there must be coffee. A LONG BLACK with sugar if there's a cafe nearby; INSTANT will do fine if there's not. Then we'll have a chat about what you're trying to accomplish. I have a range of things I can do well,  but if I think your job is beyond my skill set, I'll tell you, straight. Before we've knocked over our first coffees, you'll know whether or not I can be of any use.

ALL of it. Part of it

Some clients discover that I can do the whole job: Strategy + Concept + Art Direction + Copywriting + Production. Other clients use me for parts of the job (i.e. concept + creative) then get me to oversee the application of the concepts into specific formats (i.e. website). Either way will do. 


If we get to the point where we both think BUYOLOGY could be useful, you'll want to know how much things are going to cost. That's when I'll go away, come up with something we can both work with, and send you a quote. When we're both happy, we get stuck in.

A Tight Brief

Getting the job described in good detail is crucial. Loose job briefs almost always end in off-target work. I've been in the game long enough to know how to fill in some of the gaps, but the more information I have, the better I work.




Think of your marketing as an 8-sided wooden pail. Each panel is a crucial marketing element. Do you know where you're leaking? Click here to read about some of the keys...




The human brain is under siege, relentlessly bombarded with product offerings and sales pitches. How does it defend itself? With subconscious filters that screen out 90% of all marketing. How do you compete with that?



one man ad


Not everyone can afford the services of an Ad Agency. But you don’t have to. Hunter has worked in ad agencies for years and has the skill sets they offer. Without the huge office. On the 27th floor. Filled with staff. Overlooking 2/3rds of the planet. Which you end up paying for…