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If you have to choose between a GREAT IDEA poorly executed or a BAD IDEA brilliantly visualised, choose the great idea, everytime. A BAD IDEA cannot persuade people and cannot be rescued with good graphics. A GREAT IDEA always has a shot at working.

Finding that GREAT IDEA is probably the best skill I possess. It's the ability (or willingness) to strip away all the peripheral stuff till only THE ONE KEY THING remains. Everything else, from visuals to headlines, then needs to be built around that accurate, persuasive concept.

Creative Execution

Whatever the Big Idea, it has to have an angle to it, a perspective from which THE STORY is told. That's crucial. There is ZERO PERSUASIVE POWER in a boring, predictable angle. For a message to cut through the noise, there has to be something surprising or delightful or jolting about the communication. If there isn't, expect the consumer's brain to file it under "U" for UNIMPORTANT. That particular cerebral file is located at the very back of a person' mind.. Next to the BIN.


I believe in the power of WORDS. They have a kind of magic in them, but they’re hard to master and use properly. Apparently Winston Churchhill “marshalled the power of words and sent them into battle”. After 44 years, I can only get them to stand up and walk around a bit. Nevertheless, I am convinced they are the most powerful communication tools at my disposal.

Whether it's for a brochure, a billboard, a website or a public speech, I try to find the words that will make the difference in the mind of the listener/reader.

Graphic Design

As I said earlier, every Big Idea needs to be dressed properly...deserves to be dressed properly. That's the job of graphic design. Brand Identity. Website visuals. Advert layout. Instore brochure. Billboards. Whatever. I clothe every Big Idea in the graphics that will give it a real shot at reaching someone.


Confession: I know very little about the coding that lies behind a website. I don't build websites. But I do help design great ones. I bring to websites the skill sets that website people sometimes lack. The BIG IDEAS. The right HIERARCHY of information. CREATIVE execution that bites. HEADLINES and COPY that persuade. DESIGN SENSIBILITY that fits. My job is to design the layout + visual elements + content needed. I then get a website guru to CODE IT into being. Like this website here. 




Think of your marketing as an 8-sided wooden pail. Each panel is a crucial marketing element. Do you know where you're leaking? Click here to read about some of the keys...




The human brain is under siege, relentlessly bombarded with product offerings and sales pitches. How does it defend itself? With subconscious filters that screen out 90% of all marketing. How do you compete with that?



one man ad


Not everyone can afford the services of an Ad Agency. But you don’t have to. Hunter has worked in ad agencies for years and has the skill sets they offer. Without the huge office. On the 27th floor. Filled with staff. Overlooking 2/3rds of the planet. Which you end up paying for…