Brain Wars

assault-thumb-largeThere was a time when MASS MEDIA marketing worked brilliantly. If you had enough money to chuck at TV commercials and newspaper ads, you could move huge amounts of product. Back then, consumers didn’t mind hearing what you had to say. They believed most of what was said and responded.

Shell Shocked

But 30 years of relentless marketing has changed all that. Having taken a battering, the consumer’s mind began protecting itself against the siege. SKEPTICISM was an inevitable form self-defence. Consumers no longer believe most of what’s said. And why should they? Every company under the sun makes the same claims, guaranteeing better looking bodies, improved health, reduced stress, saved time, and enhanced sexual satisfaction.

These same companies parade false BEFORE-and-AFTER success stories in front of us and expect us to buy in. And to help us take action RIGHT NOW, they offer us easy payment options or INTEREST FREE terms. It’s all disingenuous nonsense and more and more consumers know it.

Subconscious filters

At another level, the consumer’s brain has developed pretty decent filters to keep most marketing out. Like BOUNCERS at the door, these subconscious filters make snap judgements as to the importance of a piece of information. And these cerebral bouncers have a low threshold. That’s why most junk mail get’s binned without being opened. It’s why most newspaper ads never get read. And it’s why most marketing is nothing more than BLAH BLAH BLAH in the ears of the public.

MARKETING ain't easy

In marketing, we are interrupting strangers. We always were, even in advertising’s Golden Age. But now, these strangers are becoming ambivalent. They're disinterested. And they more power to switch Marketers off than ever before.

Marketing humanity

In marketing, a greater sense of humanity is needed. Companies tend to label (and target) people as CONSUMERS or CUSTOMERS. But that’s not what people are, not at the core. People are human beings that want to be liked and appreciated and heard. They want to be seen as unique one-offs (which they are). And they want to be generous to others (they really do).

So who will they do business with? Companies that are as human as they are. Companies whose offerings and communications reflect that humanity. That’s the new marketing: a genuine caring for a single person, a person your business is willing to help, even if that means turning their spending money away.




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The human brain is under siege, relentlessly bombarded with product offerings and sales pitches. How does it defend itself? With subconscious filters that screen out 90% of all marketing. How do you compete with that?



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