Mark_ABOUT_smallIn the Beginning...

The whole communication business started for me back in 1988. At the end of my Graphic Design diploma, I was picked up by one of New Zealand's best ad agencies, Hutcheson Knowles Marinkovic. They were brilliant. I wasn't. I was just a FINISHING ARTIST, the guy that turns other peoples great creative ideas into adverts.

head over heels

But at HKM I fell in love with communication, the power of IDEAS. I've done a few things since cutting my teeth with HKM - pastored a church, worked in a gym - but Communication never ceased being the one thing I felt wired for.

The terrible Cringe

When I look back on my early marketing days, I'm embarrassed at the work I produced. In fact, when I decided to get back into communication, I binned my entire portfolio. Literally. My wife was horrified. But I'd since learned that people are far more wonderful and complicated than Iever considered and that my previous attempts at reaching them were painfully simplistic.

Brain Storming

So I started from scratch. I bought books on communication and psychology and tried to understand how people think. Why do people do the things do? And the things they don’t do? Given the intricacies of the human mind, there is no end in sight to my studies of and appreciation for our brains. BUYOLOGY is merely my marketing attempt to show a bit more respect for the people I try to reach.




Think of your marketing as an 8-sided wooden pail. Each panel is a crucial marketing element. Do you know where you're leaking? Click here to read about some of the keys...




The human brain is under siege, relentlessly bombarded with product offerings and sales pitches. How does it defend itself? With subconscious filters that screen out 90% of all marketing. How do you compete with that?



one man ad


Not everyone can afford the services of an Ad Agency. But you don’t have to. Hunter has worked in ad agencies for years and has the skill sets they offer. Without the huge office. On the 27th floor. Filled with staff. Overlooking 2/3rds of the planet. Which you end up paying for…