Remarkable Pen

Remarkable Pen

Most people like pens (and steal them), but there’s nothing remarkable about receiving one in the mail. It’s utterly forgettable. Nevertheless, I still wanted to send a Buyology Pen out to prospective clients and leave them with a good and lasting impression of my company. HOW? Surprise and Delight.

People are bombarded with cliches sales pitches - they mentally bin them as soon as they see them. The trick to bypassing this cerebral defence is to surprise them with something enjoyable. THE WORLD’S 17th BEST PEN. To get the ball rolling I chose the quirkiest number I could think to make an odd claim. I delivered the pen in a BLACK ENVELOPE. Why? Because you hardly ever see them = it’ll get noticed straight away. HUMOUR: delivered by way of ridiculous tongue-in-cheek claims about the pen's features.

DONE! The pen is average; the direct mailer is not. Add a cover letter and a follow-up phone call and we’re in business.





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